Insecticides / Miticides

Managing insects and mites requires year-round vigilance, knowhow and reliable tools. Ever-present issues such as resistance, regulatory restrictions and a dwindling number of registered compounds complicate matters. Regardless of the hurdles, it always comes down to one primary concern: effective and efficient management of these pests in the face of such challenges.

Grandevo-reg_TagsWhile synthetic pesticides have long been the first line of defense against damaging insects and mites, the industry is now transitioning to integrated pest management and resistance management programs that incorporate reduced-risk biopesticides. Due to their unique and complex modes of action, biological or natural product insecticides and miticides are often considered principle components in many pest management programs and can extend the life of useful synthetic chemicals.

GRANDEVO®, Marrone Bio’s flagship bioinsecticide, is an advanced biopesticide that is paving the way for new, innovative uses of microbial insecticides in modern field and greenhouse pest management. Its performance profile makes it ideal for use as the platform or foundation component for highly effective and efficient pest management solutions designed to optimize yield and quality. GRANDEVO PTO, designed for turf and ornamental applications is also commercially available.

GRANDEVO bioinsecticides meet the needs of today’s customers and set a new standard for pesticides to offer performance and reliability while maximizing application flexibility.

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Asian Citrus Psyllid (ACP) Control

GRANDEVO Provides a New Weapon for the War on Citrus Greening

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