Foliar and soilborne diseases are some of the most perplexing problems in commercial agriculture. Affecting yield as well as crop quality, fungal and bacterial disease can wreak havoc throughout the growing season. Furthermore, once a pathogen becomes established in the soil or on plant material, many diseases become increasingly difficult to manage in subsequent seasons when conditions can trigger another infestation.

Regalia Advanced BiofungicidesSuccessful control of disease requires a carefully planned management program. Cultural as well as chemical strategies have been the standard line of defense. And while both are important, chemical fungicides can fall short after repeated use. Resistance has always been a concern in modern day intensive commercial agriculture.

Meeting this important need, Marrone Bio Innovations has focused on the development of advanced biofungicides to serve as important additions to disease management programs. They work with a plant’s natural defense system, to help suppress and manage a myriad of disease pathogens.  What’s more, their mode of action significantly minimizes the possibility of resistance.

MBI’s flagship biofungicide, REGALIA®, received EPA approval 2008 and has been commercially available since 2009 and it is widely used on a broad range of crops. REGALIA® Rx, designed for grain crops, and REGALIA® PTO, for turf and ornamentals, are also commercially available.

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Foliar and Soilborne
Disease Control

Make your protection program better with REGALIA:

  • Active against both soilborne and foliar pathogens
  • Delays the development of resistance
  • Helps minimize chemical residues in harvested produce

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