Upcoming Events


AgriVest 2015, the Israeli Agritech Investment Event
April 27, 2015
Wix Auditorium, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
Panel: Profiling Tomorrow’s Ag Solutions
Pam Marrone, CEO/Founder

Annual Conference on Great Lakes Research
May 25-29, 2015
Burlinton, VT, University of Vermont
Marrone Bio Innovations Tradeshow Exhibit

Crops and Chemicals USA
July 21-24, 2015
Raleigh Convention Centre, Raleigh, NC
Securing Investment: Guidance and Advice from Industry Experience (July 22, 2015)
Pam Marrone, CEO/Founder

North American Lakes Management Society (NALMS) 35th International Symposium
November 17 – 20, 2015
Saratoga Springs, NY
Marrone Bio Innovations Tradeshow Exhibit

Past Events


Electric Power Conference and Exhibition
April 21-23, 2015
Rosemont, IL
Marrone Bio Innovations Tradeshow Exhibit Booth 637

Entomological Society of America
Biopesticides for Invasive and Exotic Insects
April 12-15, 2015
Cole Pearson, MBI Entomology group

8th International IPM Symposium – IPM: Solutions for a Changing World Workshop — Biopesticides: Solid partners in IPM fruit and vegetable production
Biological Pesticides for IPM Programs – A Case Study of Novel Modes of Action
March 23-26, 2015
Jesse Rosales, Insecticides Product Manager and Pam Marrone, CEO/Founder

CHS Specialty Growers Winter Update
March 2015
The Changing Pesticide Market and Innovations in Biopesticides
Pam Marrone, CEO/Founder, Featured Speaker

BioControls Conference & Tradeshow
California Western focused conference and symposium. Incorporating biocontrols into pest management programs.
March 3-5, 2015
Fresno Convention Center, Fresno, CA

20th Annual Commodity Classic
February 26-28, 2015
Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, AZ
Marrone Bio Innovations Tradeshow Exhibit Booth #1347

Discover Global Markets, Sustainable Solutions (
February 9-10, 2015
Nourishing the Nations: Solving Agricultural Challenges in Africa and Asia
Pam Marrone, CEO/Founder, Speaker

Ecofarm Conference 2015
January 21-24, 2015
Pest Resistance Management: Alternating Materials for Better Organic Pest Control
Pam Marrone, CEO/Founder, January 23 Workshop Speaker

Michigan Agri-business Association Winter Conference
January 12-14, 2015
The Changing Pesticide Market
Pam Marrone, CEO/Founder, January 14 Luncheon Keynote Speaker


Ag-Bio Congress – Biopesticides
December 3-4, 2014
Trends In Biopesticide Innovation
Pam Marrone, CEO/Founder, Keynote Speaker
Guidance from CEO/VP and Company Directors: Ask the Experts
Alison Stewart, panelist

Global Action Platform Summit
November 19-20, 2014
Frontiers of Global Food Innovation
Pam Marrone, CEO/Founder, panelist

Agrow Awards
October 29, 2014
Pam Marrone, “Best Manager with Strategic Vision” Award

Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting
September 24-25, 2014
Congress Center Basel, Switzerland
Natural Product Producing Microbials for Nematode Control
Non-living Substances of Microbial Origin
Pam Marrone, CEO/Founder, Speaker

World Agri-Tech Investment Summit
September 24-25, 2014
America Square Conference Centre, London, UK
Biosolutions: Advances in Microbial and Bio-based Seed Treatment, Pesticides and Fertilisers
Pam Marrone, CEO/Founder, panelist

Ag Innovation Showcase
Sept 8-10, 2014
St. Louis, MO
A New Paradigm for Biotech in Agriculture
Pam Marrone, CEO/Founder, panelist

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